Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The plucky Brit

Plucky Brit's blog may irritate me because she is so popular. Popular people irritate me. Might be because, they are: cute, (and can get away with remarks such as, "She said with a naughty wink."; they are shallow—a little goes a long way with lots of people; they have better communication skills than I do—that one is self-explanatory and/or they are simply better people than me. They might have worse skills than me but are just so cute about it.

Now, as Dylan said, "If you believe you are better than no one and no one is better than you, then you have nothing to win and nothing to lose." Ha. He's rich but I heard he has had his share of problems too. I have seen him twice in concerts. Once where I had a major manic outburst, threw water on a guy, almost got arrested and sort of body-language pouted the rest of the evening. No one acknowledged it but the guy who claimed he kept me from being arrested. I get away with a lot of shit.

Oh NO, here comes the preachy serious part! The Dylan quote comes up a lot as I tend to measure myself against just about everybody and find myself wanting. This makes at least the checker at the super market feel better. I can't even figure out self-checkout.

Not funny.

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