Monday, July 20, 2009

Facebook attention span

I noticed that another blog I visit has shortened their posts. This is an "" site and run by two women, at least one of which seems to have been a journalist in another life. Her longer posts sound like little 300 word stories, perfect for page 3 of the "B" section of some mid-sized town daily. The lifestyle section day—the one with healthy lifestyle recipes.

I think Facebook is one more example of how we pay less and less attention. We only bother to assimilate chunks of information in about 36 words. At least I do. Maybe everybody else is out there reading like crazy, following all the instructions and doing things right.

Another tip, "hate" is a strong word. So are "every, none, nobody, never, always." Think before making proclamations with these words in them. It builds up in your psyche and flavors all your thinking with a kind of desperation and finality that shuts out the ability to change.

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