Sunday, July 12, 2009

buying sloth

Slept in, well, not quite. Got up to do a training session with dogs, then feeding, then back to snooze 'til nine. Yesterday's exercise and last nights teetotaling—I think I had enough reserves to get the extra two hours in. Still had nightmarish visions but drove my head into the pillow anyway.

So up, I tried a mountain bike ride. Humiliated. Gashed shins. So mowed lawn without using self-propulsion. You are such a badass John!

Trimmed dogs a bit.

I want a drink. The one or two I didn't have last night. Don't drink during the day. Don't drink at all if possible. Do as I say, not as I do.

The thing about yesterday's long hike was that I actually called someone. Social interaction doesn't hurt either.

Then to the authentic mexican place with other friends. Again, no one pulled out that bottle of Icelandic vodka I so wanted to test. Neither Liz nor I make friends. Friends adopt us despite our reluctance to socialize. I think Liz suffers from low self-esteem and some depression. She is the strong one pulling us both along right now.

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