Saturday, November 14, 2009

Back in the blogosphere

Shouting in a vacuum here. At least my graphic design blog has two followers. It's not like my bipolar experiences are any more precious than anyone else's. That is a vanity I think many of us share—that we are the ones in the most pain, with the most empathy, hence the most need-to-be-read thoughts. I really thought maybe mine would get approached for a book deal.

There is a bipolar blog out there somewhere, I used to follow, that has been around a long time. The blogger's antics and experiences, love life and sex life—the fodder for his rants—have evidently been considered for a sitcom, or dramacom. There was also mention of a book deal in the offing.

For your Google® searching curiosity two interesting stories are making the rounds. First, the Scientologists want ECT banned. They deny the existence of mental illness, chemical imbalances in the brain, schizophrenia and other diagnosed mental afflictions.

Another story floating around the fringe is a move to make prayer a reimbursable medical expense.

These are presented here without comment.

And regarding book deals, I met a guy who wrote a NY Times, "Notable book of the year," who was applying for a day-job. Being an author is a very tough way to make a living. I have a friend who parlayed writing National Park guides into a publishing career. He was just thinking of purchasing a small plane to commute back and forth from San Francisco to Jackson, WY.

With so many things, in order to make a small fortune at something, start with a large fortune.

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  1. Wait, prayer is free, that's the point so I don't understand how it'd be an expense. What you gotta pay the priest? He's free, if you're paying him, he's not a priest. Anyway, I know this will be cringe worthy but prayer helps, it does, like it or not. Knowing that ultimately someone else/something else (whatever thing floats your boat) is in control is relieving and having that same someone/something to talk to is comforting. And whether its coincidental or not, I'd swear it works. Ultimately, it always works.